Ray Sosa For
Montgomery County Commissioner

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My family has spent generations in public service. I was taught that a community is always stronger when it sticks together, and that is why I am running for Montgomery County Commissioner. I want to work with all MontCo Residents to create good-paying jobs, improve our school system, pass a budget, build a government that works for everyone. 

It is time to put Montgomery County Above Politics! 



Improve the lives of all Pennsylvanians by instituting best practices in the areas of:


The Economy.

Good paying jobs and revitalizing the middle class. Develop a fair tax structure. Pass a budget. Invest in infrastructure. 



New funding formula that protects our schools and homeowners. Develop and implement best practices.


Criminal Justice. 

Compulsory education for prisoners. Post-prison opportunities for those who deserve a second chance. Break the poverty-to-prison pipeline. 



Our Farmers and Rural Development.

Reform our subsidies and tax structure to give our farmers the upper hand. Fix our rural infrastructure. Access to broadband and internet. 


Ray Sosa, bringing a new leadership approach to MontCo politics 



Bio and Experience

Ray Sosa has over 20 years of experience in the private sector providing support and advice to big and small companies, and he wants to use that experience to create a more efficient and effective government in Montgomery County. He currently resides with his wife, Nikki Sosa, in Wyncote and has lived in both Bucks and Montgomery Counties over the last 8 years. The Sosa family is blessed to have a beautiful girl, Marjory who arrived in July 2018.

For too long, the powers and resources of the County Commissioner's office have been underutilized, even though Ray is a political outsider, he is uniquely qualified to serve in these positions. Ray was appointed by three different U.S. Governors to lead districts in coordinating Emergency Management and Response. Ray was Chairman of the Governor's Human Rights Advocacy Committee for 10 years, fighting for hospitals, juvenile justice centers, foster care homes, and nursing homes. For 10 years, Ray provided legislative policy support for three governors and wants to continue to do so in Montgomery County.

Ray is currently the President for Round Hills Investments and Services, and is a career banker and insurance agent. The County Commissioner serves as the legislative and executive arm of the Montgomery County government. As part of a board of three commissioners, a commissioner names all department heads, as well as most members of the various boards, authorities, and committees. In addition, the commissioners appoint all county employees and, sitting as the Salary Board with the Controller, establish salaries of all employees.

Ray’s previous appointments in the public and private sectors have prepared him for the role of Montgomery County Commissioner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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